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Verona Guided Tour with Live Acting Angel

Verona Guided Tour with Live Acting Angel

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 Duration: 1 hours

 Start time: Every day, 7 PM check availability on the calendar below

 Meeting point: In Piazza Erbe at the Fountain (see the map below)

 2-10 per group (contact us for larger or private groups)

English, Italian

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Discover Verona like never before with an exclusive tour led by an angel guide with a lot of untold stories to share. Put on your cloak and embark on a journey through the city's most iconic landmarks, where every sound comes to life through noise-canceling headphones. Experience Verona in a whole new light as you explore its secrets one-on-one with our captivating guide. This isn't just a tour—it's an immersive adventure waiting to be unlocked.

Before the excursion begins, you will receive equipment and headphones. The immersive sound will not just make you a listener, but a participant in the performance.

Throughout the tour, our secret character a local resident of Verona, will accompany you, guiding you through the most fascinating places of this unique city of Verona. The itinerary starts in the heart of the historic center, where every corner breathes the history of past centuries. Traverse streets flanked by mighty medieval walls and majestic towers. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Lamberti Tower in Piazza Erbe, the Gardello Tower, Palazzo Maffei, and the Loggia fra Giocondo and the Prefecture.

Along your path, you will uncover surprises and enchantments. Journey through the secrets of the Scaligeri Arches, stroll along the narrow streets of Via Ponte Nuovo and Via Sottoriva, feel the magnificence of the Basilica of Sant'Anastasia, and cross the ancient Ponte Pietra.

Finally, head to the pulsating heart of the city, in Piazza Duomo, completely immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of Verona.

We will proceed at a leisurely pace, with no stairs along the way, making this tour suitable for everyone (ages 6 and up), including parents with strollers.

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Meeting point

We will meet right in the city center, at the fountain in the middle of the square, put online

  • Fontana Madonna verona, Piazza Erbe


What travellers ask

What landmarks can I expect to visit during the tour?

The tour will take you through Verona's most captivating locales, including the Lamberti Tower in Piazza Erbe, the Gardello Tower, Palazzo Maffei, the Loggia fra Giocondo, the Prefecture, Scaligeri Arches, Via Ponte Nuovo, Via Sottoriva, Basilica of Sant'Anastasia, and Ponte Pietra

How long does the tour last, and what is the pace like?

The tour proceeds at a leisurely pace, ensuring accessibility for all participants, including families with strollers. There are no stairs along the way. The duration of the tour and specific timings can be provided upon booking.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, this tour is suitable for all ages, starting from 6 years old and up. Families with children can enjoy exploring Verona's secrets together.

What equipment will be provided for the immersive audio experience?

Before the excursion, participants will be equipped with gear and noise-canceling headphones. The immersive audio experience isn't just about listening; it involves active participation, enhancing the overall adventure.

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no car needed on our experiences. Our locations are in the city center.

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