Wine Shops in Verona | Suggested by Locals

Wine Shops in Verona | Suggested by Locals

Verona, the city of love and romance, also holds a special place in the hearts of wine enthusiasts. I have already covered some of the wineries out of town I got to shop in the weekends. But I know some of you can't drive there and you shouldn't if you buy just 6 bottles.

As both a local and a wine expert, I'm thrilled to guide you through the top 10 wine shops in this beautiful city.


Located in the heart of Verona, Vivavino offers an extensive range of local wines, including Amarone and Soave. The staff are knowledgeable and eager to assist in your selection.

If you want to take more from a glass, join a guided wine tasting in Verona City Center available in this website.



Dal Zovo

Dal Zovo is a boutique wine shop that offers a carefully curated selection of Veronese wines. From Valpolicella to Bardolino, their assortment reflects the rich wine culture of the region.


A family-owned establishment, Baraldi prides itself on offering wines that are organic and sustainably produced. A must-visit for the eco-conscious wine lover.

Confetteria Filarmonica

Uniquely, Confetteria Filarmonica sells chocolates and sweet, but also offers Durello and Soave wines. The owner is from that area and works with local producers


As the name suggests, Winefriends is a friendly spot where you buy wines from boutique wineries. The store frequently hosts local winemakers for exclusive sessions.

Scrigno del Vino

Scrigno del Vino is the go-to place for those looking for rare and vintage wines. Their collection spans several decades, and the staff are experts in the field.

Marina Wine

An exception in this list, Marina Wine specializes in wines from Tuscany only like Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Super Tuscans. If you're looking to take a temporary Tuscan detour, this is the place to go.

Enoteca Emporio Divino

A true emporium of divine wines, Enoteca Emporio Divino offers a wide range of wines from both Verona and other parts of Italy. Don't miss out on their selection of sparkling wines.


Signorvino is a chain of wine shops with multiple locations in Verona. Ideal if you are looking for deals

La Cuvée Champagne e Territorio

Dedicated to champagne and territorial wines, La Cuvée offers a premium range of bottles that can be perfect as gifts or as additions to your own collection.

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