Best Wine Cellars in Verona...not easy to access

Best Wine Cellars in Verona...not easy to access

Verona, a charming city located in the north of Italy, is famous not only for its history and architecture but also for its wine culture. There are some bars that owns cellars where you need to be prepared to spend more than 50 euro if you want access the newest of those wines. There are well famous labels mainly such as Quintarelli, the inventor of Amarone that can be cost 400 euro. Nothing really new like natural wines, for example.

Here are three wine cellars in Verona that you can visit and take a glass. Expect to pay the location and renowed names on top of what you drink:

  1. Enoteca Segreta - This wine cellar is located in the heart of Verona's historic center, close to the famous Juliet's balcony. The cellar is hidden underground and can only be accessed through a secret door. Once inside, visitors are transported to a magical world of wine, with walls lined with bottles of rare and vintage wines.

  2. Antica Bottega del Vino - This wine cellar is located in one of the oldest buildings in Verona, close to the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater. The cellar has been in business for over 120 years and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Antica Bottega del Vino offers a vast selection of wines from all over Italy, as well as a small menu of traditional Veronese dishes

  3. Vinitaly Wine Club - This wine cellar is located in a modern building close to Verona's train station. The Vinitaly Wine Club is part of the Vinitaly Wine Exhibition, one of the largest wine fairs in the world, held annually in Verona. The cellar offers a vast selection of wines from all over Italy, with a focus on lesser-known, boutique wineries. Visitors can taste the wines and purchase their favorites at a discounted price. The Vinitaly Wine Club also hosts wine-tasting events and workshops, making it an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge.

Unfortunately, wine cellars are those that wine lovers have at home. Verona is full of nice bars and restaurants where you can drink well. We think you will be rather select these spot well. 

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