Best Pizza Restaurants in Verona Suggested by Locals

Best Pizza Restaurants in Verona Suggested by Locals

 Before we delve into the best pizzerias in Verona, let's take a moment to appreciate the two main pizza styles that grace the menus of these establishments: Neapolitan and Roman.

Neapolitan Pizza: This style originates from Naples, Italy, and is characterized by its soft, pillowy crust that's slightly charred on the edges. The traditional pizza is made with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt. The emphasis here is on simplicity and high-quality ingredients, resulting in a pizza that's light and bursting with flavor.

Roman Pizza: In contrast, Roman pizza features a thinner, crispier crust that's often rectangular in shape. It allows for a wider range of toppings compared to the Napolitan style. Roman pizzas are often sold by weight and can be cut to your desired size, making them a popular option for those looking to sample a variety of flavors in a single sitting.

Exploring the Pizzerias of Verona

1. Pizzeria Ciro dal Leone

Address: Via Cappello, 7, 37121 Verona VR, Italy


Nestled in the heart of Verona, Pizzeria Ciro dal Leone has been a local favorite for years. With its warm, rustic ambiance and wood-fired oven, this pizzeria crafts Neapolitan-style pizzas that pay homage to tradition. The combination of perfectly charred crust, San Marzano tomatoes, and locally sourced toppings creates an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Pizzeria Saporè near Piazza Erbe

Address: Via Amanti, 6, 37121

Situated near the iconic Piazza Erbe, Pizzeria Saporè offers a blend of both Napolitan and Roman pizza styles. Their creative toppings and commitment to quality ingredients set them apart. Whether you're in the mood for a classic Margherita or a contemporary flavor fusion, this pizzeria has something to satisfy every palate.

3. Pizzeria 2 di Coppe

Address: Via Pallone, 1, 37121 Verona VR, Italy

For those seeking the Roman pizza experience, Pizzeria 2 di Coppe is a must-visit destination. The rectangular slices are generously topped with an array of ingredients, and the crust strikes the perfect balance between crispiness and chewiness. The variety available here ensures that every slice is a delightful surprise.

4. Pizzeria Vesuvio

Address: Rigaste S. Zeno, 41, 37123 Verona VR
Pizzeria Vesuvio captures the essence of Napolitan-style pizza with its soft, airy crust and traditional toppings. The wood-fired oven imparts a smoky flavor that enhances the overall taste. This pizzeria's dedication to authenticity shines through in every slice they serve.

5. Pizzium

Address: Via S. Rocchetto, 7, 37121 Verona VR

Bringing a modern twist to the pizza scene, Pizzium offers a wide range of gourmet toppings atop their rectangular Roman-style pizzas. The emphasis on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients creates a medley of flavors that's both exciting and satisfying.

Try other types of pizza

Pizza Portafoglio

It's essentially a small pizza that's folded in a 1/4 slice, resembling the act of folding a wallet.

6. WalletPizza

Via S. Paolo, 7b, 37129 Verona VR



It's essentially a fried pizza douch with toppings

7. Panzomatto

Via IV Novembre, 13b, 37126 Verona VR

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