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Tour & Tasting in Valpolicella at Boutique Winery - 50.000 bottles/year

Tour & Tasting in Valpolicella at Boutique Winery - 50.000 bottles/year

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Duration: 1 h e 30 min

Start time: see below on the booking process

Meeting/End point: at the winery or pick up/drop off in Verona available

min 2 - max 10 per group

Italian, English

  Mobile ticket

Free cancellation, 24 hour before

Unforgettable journey that takes you from the vineyard to the fruit cellar, and all the way to the barrel room. Taste our four flagship wine labels paired with local cheeses and cured meats.

In the heart of Valpolicella, time stands still amidst centuries-old vines and breathtaking landscapes. This is where Cantina Montecariano comes to life, fueled by a unique passion for winemaking.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vineyards, the fruit cellar, and the aging barrels. Indulge in tasting 4 iconic wines paired with local cheeses and cured meats.

A sensory voyage crafted by Montecariano's winemakers, who uphold the tradition of Valpolicella while exploring the potential of these red grape varieties.
With the enological guides, you'll discover the vineyards cultivated both with the Veronese pergola and the Guyot method. Step into the estate to understand the fieldwork that ensures a quality product.

Great wine is born from meticulous care both in the vineyard and in the cellar. We'll uncover the secrets of the first fermentations in steel, where all wines begin.
Next, we'll explore the oak and wood barrels, each imparting unique characteristics to the wine. A singular passion for our winemakers who meticulously seek the perfect tasting notes for each label.

We'll start by tasting the wines that define Valpolicella: the Classico, the Superiore, and the Amarone Riserva. Completing this sensory journey with the Amandorlato, a passito that embodies the delicate balance between winemaking artistry and the withering of grapes, enveloping you with its warmth and harmony.

Experience an unforgettable journey where history, tradition, and passion merge in an exploration of Valpolicella's delights. Book your tour and tasting and let yourself be captivated by the enchantment of this extraordinary land


  • Vineyard Exploration: Uncovering grape cultivation secrets such as Pergola Veronese
  • Guided Tasting: Enjoy the 4 iconic wines of Valpolicella, paired with local cheeses and meats
  • Cellar Tour: Discover winemaking charm with a guided cellar tour, from harvest to maturation
  • Barrel Experience: Immerse in wine barrels' world, each adding unique flavors to our wines



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The Winery in Valpolicella

Book a pick up in Verona City Center 30 min before the start on this website or by yourself or head to Montecariano winery after the reservation.

  • Via Valena, 3, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano Verona



What will we drink and eat?

4 iconic wines of Valpolicella including Classico, Valpolicella and Amarone paired with local cheeses and meats. Plus the special wine, a meditation sweet wine that takes its roots in the old Valpolicella traditions such as appassimento

How does the booking work?

You can book tasting & winery tour with or without transportation.

How many people can join this tour?

The tour is for a maximum of 8 people

How long does the tour last?

The tour and tasting last 1 hour and half. Car transportation last 1 hour and 10 minutes (departure and return from Verona city center) .

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