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Chocolate Factory Tour & Tasting: From 1915

Chocolate Factory Tour & Tasting: From 1915

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Duration: 1 hour

 Start time: Check availability on the calendar below

 Meeting point: Peyrano Chocolate Factory & Shop, 5 minutes from Piazza della Repubblica

2-10 per group (contact us for larger or private groups)

English, Italian, Spanish, French

  Mobile ticket

Free cancellation
24 hours before

Step into the world of a 1915 chocolate maker, where chocolate dreams come to life. Peyrano has been at the heart of Turin’s illustrious chocolate-making tradition, crafting exquisite artisanal chocolates with passion and precision. Our exclusive 60-minute factory tour offers a rare glimpse into the meticulous process behind our renowned creations.

Begin your adventure in our elegant salon, where you will explore the milestones of Peyrano’s storied history. Guided by our expert chocolatiers, you’ll engage into the fascinating journey of the cacao bean, transforming through each meticulous step into the final, mouth-watering chocolate. 

Perfect for couples, families, friends, and groups, this immersive experience culminates in a tasting of the day's fresh production, along with two additional tastings to delight your senses. 

Indulge in the finest flavors, crafted from premium ingredients, and discover why Peyrano has been a beloved name in chocolate for over a century.

We cannot cater for cocoa and nuts allergies, we are sorry

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Meeting point

Enter the Peyrano shop with your ticket booked beforehand to reserve your guide. We don't cater last minute traveller unfortunately.

  • Corso Moncalieri, 47, Torino


What chocolate lovers ask

Can I walk to the factory?

Yes, it's a 7 minute walk from Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of Turin

Is photography allowed during the tour?

No, photography is not allowed during the tour, but you can take photos in our shop from 1915

Do you accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies during the chocolate tasting?

We are unable to accommodate allergies to nuts and cocoa during our chocolate tasting.

Are the factory tours available in multiple languages?

Yes, they are available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Please get in touch via WhatsApp for more information

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