Torino Food & Wine Guide

Table of yummy contents:

  1. Restaurants & Pizzeria
  2. Wine List
  3. "Street Food" specialties
  4. Visited Food Tour Places


Restaurants & Pizzeria

Traditional Piedmontese Cuisine

1. Ristorante del Cambio: One of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Turin, known for its elegant ambiance and classic Piedmontese dishes.

2. Tre Galline: Offers traditional Piedmontese cuisine with a focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

3. Porto di Savona: A historical restaurant on Piazza Vittorio Veneto, serving classic regional dishes in a charming setting.

Contemporary and Innovative Dining

1. Magorabin: A Michelin-starred restaurant that combines traditional Piedmontese flavors with modern culinary techniques.

2. Consorzio: Known for its contemporary take on local cuisine, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and innovative presentations.

3. Cannavacciuolo Bistrot Torino: Run by the famous Italian chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, offering refined and creative dishes.

Casual and Street Food

1. Piola da Celso: A traditional, casual eatery known as a "piola," offering hearty Piedmontese fare.

2. Murazzi: Along the Po River, this area has several casual spots and street food vendors, particularly vibrant during the summer months.

3. Grom: Originally from Turin, Grom is famous for its high-quality, natural gelato.


Wine List


Sparkling Wines
1. Asti Spumante
2. Moscato d'Asti
3. Alta Langa

White Wines
1. Gavi (Cortese di Gavi)
2. Roero Arneis
3. Favorita

Red Wines
1. Barolo
2. Barbaresco
3. Barbera d'Asti 
4. Dolcetto d'Alba
5. Nebbiolo d'Alba

Dessert Wines
1. Moscato d'Asti
2. Brachetto d'Acqui
3. Passito di Erbaluce di Caluso

"Street food" Specialties

Not really the concept of street food, but small bites you can try while in Verona

1. Grissini
- Where to Find: Bakeries and street vendors throughout the city.

2. Tramezzini
- Where to Find: Caffè Mulassano, bars, and street vendors.

3. Piadina
- Where to Find: piadina shops around the city

4. Farinata
- Where to Find: Focaccieria like Lagrange, Tipica Ligure and Gran Torino. 

5. Panzerotti
- Where to Find: Food trucks and stalls in markets.

6. Gelato
- Where to Find: Gelaterias like Gelateria Pepino, Grom and Venchi.

7. Agnolotti del Plin
- Where to Find: Markets and specialty food stalls.

8. Arancini
- Where to Find: Sicilian specialty shops and street vendors.

9. Salumi and Cheese Platters
- Where to Find: Restaurants and bars.

10. Porchetta Sandwiches
- Where to Find: Food trucks and markets.

11. Bagna Cauda
- Where to Find: Restaurants and bar with appetizers.


Visited food tour places

Pasticceria Venier for Bicerin

Ziccat Torino and Domori for chocolate

Focacceria Lagrange for focaccia and farinata

Enoteca Vinile for wine, cheese & ham

Agrisalumeria LUISET for ham - only specific days

Gelateria Da Pepino for gelato called Pinguino - only summer