Osteria Caval Matto

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Osteria del Caval Matto

5 minutes from Juliet's House & Piazza Bra

 Piazzetta Ottolini, 2, 37121 Verona VR


 For wine tastings, please call 00393401266071

The Osteria del Caval Matto in Verona is renowned for its exceptional wine selection, and their wine tasting experience is an absolute must for any wine enthusiast. The tasting includes four wines from the Verona and Veneto regions, featuring Prosecco, Soave, and Valpolicella ripasso.

The tasting begins with a light and refreshing Prosecco, a sparkling wine made from the Glera grape. Its subtle aroma of green apple and citrus pairs perfectly with the appetizers, creating a lovely contrast between the bubbles and the savory flavors.

Next up is the Soave, a white wine made from the Garganega grape. It boasts a delicate aroma of white flowers and fruits and has a crisp, refreshing finish. This wine is perfect for pairing with seafood or light dishes.

The third wine on the tasting list is the Valpolicella Rosso IGT, a red wine designed by Vigneti da Ettore winemaker. Yes, because wine is a design process. Its intense ruby color and complex aroma of cherries and spices make it an excellent choice for pairing with meat dishes or aged cheese.

Finally, the tasting ends with another Valpolicella ripasso, but this time with a longer aging process. This wine, called "Ripasso," is more full-bodied and complex, with a robust aroma of ripe fruits and tobacco. It pairs well with hearty meals like stews, roasts, or game.

Overall, the wine tasting at Osteria del Caval Matto is a fantastic experience that showcases the best of Verona and Veneto's winemaking traditions. The knowledgeable staff and comfortable ambiance make it a perfect spot for a night out with friends or a romantic evening with your significant other.