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Wine Tasting near Juliet's House, Verona

Wine Tasting near Juliet's House, Verona

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 Duration: 1 h

 Start time: 2 PM, 5.30 PM, 6.30 PM, 7.30 PM, check on the calendar below

Hosted in a traditional wine-bar so called "Osteria", 5 minute walking from Juliet's House or Arena di Verona (see the map below)

 2-10 per group (contact us for larger or private groups)

 English, Spanish, Italian

  Mobile ticket

Free cancellation

What's included

  • One whole hour of wine-tasting and wine-stories with our guides, either in English or in Italian

  • Selection of 4 wines from Verona and Veneto, Italy. Starting with Prosecco, moving to a fruity White to finish with 2 contrasting robust Reds from Valpolicella area (see the wine list below).

  • Seasoned cheese, salame and cured ham tasting plate typical of Verona area

  • Learn about wine making and food pairings in a friendly and relaxed way. Plus top tricks to taste like a pro sommeliers

Stay inside or in the beautiful terrace and enjoy this unique Aperitivo wine tasting.

Ideal for couples, families with grown up children and groups of friends (max 7 pp, or please request a group booking).

Looking for a 2 hours winery tour in the countryside of Valpolicella with pickup Taxi transport? Available for 2 people minimum at 160 

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More information on The Tasting Location below

The Tasting Location

Your Verona trip should be comfy. That's why the location is at a walking distance, just 5 minutes from Juliet's Balcony, Piazza delle Erbe or Arena. You can stay in the beautiful terrace or inside.

  • Piazzetta Ottolini, 2, 37121 Verona


What wine lovers ask

How many people can attend?

Tasting events are for small groups, up to 10 people. Held in one language at the time. Please contact us for group bookings.

What is an 'Osteria'?

An Osteria is the traditional wine bar, it is in such places in fact where our grampas used to spend their time, drinking wine, eating finger-food and playing cards with friends and family.

What will I drink at the tasting?

Our wine selection rotates yearly. At the moment, we serve the following wines:
- Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Millesimato DOCG Torre Zecchei
- Soave Classico San Michele Ca'Rugate
- Valpolicella Classico DOC Le Bignele
- Valpolicella Classico Superiore Luciano Arduini or
Valpolicella Ripasso Luciano Arduini

Plus cheese and cured meats from selected producers.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine that originates from the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. With its delicate bubbles and refreshing taste, it has gained immense popularity around the world. This Italian classic is made primarily from the Glera grape variety, known for its vibrant flavors and aromatic qualities.

Soave wine originates from the Veneto region in Italy and is renowned for its crisp and elegant character. Made primarily from the Garganega grape variety, it showcases a pale straw color in the glass. On the nose, Soave offers enticing aromas of white flowers, lemon zest, and ripe orchard fruits. Its flavor profile is refreshing and balanced, with notes of citrus, green apple, and a subtle almond hint. Soave wines often display a lively acidity, which contributes to their vibrant and zesty nature. They are typically dry, although some may have a touch of residual sweetness.

Soave Classico, produced in the heartland of the region, showcases the highest quality, expressing greater complexity and depth. These wines are versatile and pair wonderfully with a variety of dishes, from light seafood and salads to creamy pasta and poultry. With its combination of citrus flavors, floral aromas, and a mineral-driven finish, Soave is a delightful white wine that offers a taste of the Italian terroir.

Valpolicella Classico: A vibrant red wine from the Veneto region of Italy, showcasing cherry and red berry flavors, medium body, and a lively acidity.

Valpolicella Ripasso: A robust red wine with intense flavors of dark fruit, hints of spice, and a velvety texture, obtained through the unique "ripasso" method, where the wine is

How can I get to the location?

No car needed, you can walk to the location as it's in the city center, just 5 minutes from Juliet's House in a unique and totally safe area. .

Please get in touch via WhatsApp for more information

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