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Night Walking Tour in Verona

Night Walking Tour in Verona


 Duration: 1 h 30 min

 Start time and  Meeting point

8:50 PM @ Residence Viale Venezia
9:00 PM @ The Hostello
9:05 PM @ Bar Pedrotti
9:10 PM @ Porta Leoni (very close to Juliet's House)

 4-15 per group


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Experience the history and landmarks guided by a local and toast with a wine at the end

The tour starts from the the area so called "Veronetta". Firstly, we will discover the history of this borough and main Venetian style palaces

Passing the bridge of Ponte Navi, we will explain the role of the river Adige in the history and how the past civilizations has taken advantage of its unique position for their trades. 

We will move than towards Piazza delle Erbe passing by stone made Roman gated doors like Porta Leoni and the ambiguous Juliet's House.

The area of Piazza Erbe and nearby medieval squares will be fully covered with stories about fights between kingdoms and favours between families.

We will move than in off the crowd side streets to visit Ponte Pietra old Bridge and walk up 50 steps to see a unique Roman arch at the Theatre.

Passing by to the Verona Cathedral we will end our tour at the wine bar Osteria del Caval Matto, to discuss the walk, have a glass of wine (escl. from the tour price)  and enjoy with other travellers.

Tour starts with a minimum of 4 traveller

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More information on Meeting Points below

Meeting Points

Meet the guide at your own accomodation (The Hostello, Residence Venezia) or in the pick up points (Bar Pedrotti, Porta Leoni). See the pick up times above.

Please call 00393401266071 if you will be late.

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Are we stopping by places to seat during the tour?

Yes, there are some seats we can use in public spaces to rest while looking at the landmarks

How does the booking work?

You will request to join the tour and then we will be emailing you when confirmed

How long do I take to get back from the final stop to The Hostello?

You will take 20 minutes walking to go back

How long does the tour last?

The tour last 1 hour and a half / 2 hours and end at a wine bar near Piazza Erbe..

Please get in touch via WhatsApp for more information

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no car needed on our experiences. Our locations are in the city center.

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