4 Easy walks from Verona city center

4 Easy walks from Verona city center

Walk from Ponte Pietra to Castel San Pietro

This is a pleasant walk that takes you across the ancient Ponte Pietra bridge and up to the Castel San Pietro skyline viewpoint, which offers panoramic views of the city. The route is well-marked and not too strenuous, taking around 30-40 minutes to complete up and down. The path is also suitable for children.


Walk along the Adige river from Castelvecchio to Ponte Catena

This is a lovely walk along the river paths, passing by the impressive Castelvecchio castle and looking then the tower of San Zeno Abbey. It's just 2 minute stroll until you will reach the town inside the river that was stopping by boats in the past.

Walk from Avesa to the Caves and the Crux

This walk takes you up into the hills above Verona, starting from the small town of Avesa (reachable by bus). Along the way, you'll pass by several interesting rock formations and caves used by Romans to build the city. The walk is slightly more challenging than the previous two, taking around 2 hours to complete up and down, but the views from the top are well worth it. 

Walk in Boschetto area to see wildlife in the city center

This is a short, easy walk through the Boschetto area, which is located near the cemetery park. The route takes you through a peaceful forested area and offers stunning views of the Adige river with many birds and wildlife. Suitable for all ages. There's an open restaurant and bar open during the day


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